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Energy medicine is safe, holistic, natural, and inexpensive.

Energy healing has been a part of lay medicine for thousands of years. Energy medicine, such as Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), can help to facilitate balance in the human energy field, associated with health and wellbeing.

When we look at physical matter with an electron microscope we see a hazy cloud, no more solid than fog. Magnification of the fog is a vibrating particle or a wave. Energy is released in these vibrations. The body is an energy converter at a very subtle level. We are not solid, but a lattice work of energies. The body uses energy in ways that science is just beginning to understand.

When we begin to see life through a greater understanding of energy a whole new world opens up to us.

Researchers Dr. Robert Becker and Dr. John Zimmerman (1990) wanted to know what happens while people practice energy therapies like Reiki. They found that the brain wave patterns of the practitioner and the receiver became synchronized in the alpha state. The alpha state, 7-8 Hz range, is characteristic of deep relaxation and meditation. T. Bunnell (1997) conducted a study that determined that during energy treatments the biomagnetic field of the practitioner’s hands is at least 1,000 times greater than normal. Dr. Zimmerman (1990) found that the pulses of energy emitted from the practitioners hands while they work sweep up and down from 0.3 – 30 Hz, focusing mainly on the 7-8 Hz range. Independent medical research has shown that this range of frequencies will stimulate healing in the body, with specific frequencies being suitable for different tissues.

When the scientific advances in energy medicine become common knowledge, the two avenues of medicine, conventional and complementary, can work together as one co-operative medical system. As this evolution occurs, I believe at some point in the not too distant future, Reiki, and other forms of energy medicine will be viewed, by all medical practitioners, as simply one more method of promoting the physical and mental health of the patient. The implications for humanity of the acceptance of integrative healthcare are powerful and exciting.

Our ideas are only intellectual instruments we use to cut into phenomena; we must change them when they have served their purpose, as we change a blunt lancet that we have used long enough.
Claude Bernard (1865)


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